New Site design

Alright. It’s 2011, so I figure it’s time to kick off the new year with a new website design. We have decided to use a Content management system…or what’s commonly referred to as a “CMS.” The CMS we have chosen is WordPress. I was delighted to see how quickly I could create my pages from scratch, without having to tool around with HTML…what joy.

We also decided to purchase a premium theme called “Hospitality,” from a company called “Templatic.” I fell in love with the design, and customized it with our pictures and logo…I think it’s a great fit.

So, 2011…what can I say? Charlottetown has a new hotel on the corner of Grafton and University that should be finished by June 2011. I’m hoping they come up with a few marketing strategies that will cause a few more folks to come knocking at my door.  In the meanwhile, we’re getting ready for a brand new summer season…and boy I’m excited! The following posts will outline a few events and festivals that are new for 2011….so stay tuned!



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