Automatic emails!

I don’t normally post about administrative logistics here, but I wanted to share with you all a tremendously useful program I discovered not to long ago. This program is making it easier for us to print out our registrations for incoming customers!

It’s called “Automatic Email Manager.”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Not the cleverest of names. But the program is incredibly useful!

Basically you enter your email credentials, and every couple of minutes this program will print any new messages that it finds.

I know most of you are tech savvy, and are trying to limit the amount of paper you use (which is a great thing!) However, I can easily see this being set up for relatives who do not use the computer often, and do not have time to constantly check their emails. This way the computer can do the work for you, and the client can just check the printer for any messages!

We are using this for our registrations. Every morning at 6am, our reservation system emails all the registrations for the day, to a gmail account we have set up specifically for this service. So at 6:05am every morning, I have all my registrations waiting for me at the printer.

This saves us a lot of hassle and time. Before, we had to open every reservation, and print each one manually…now it’s all automatic!

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