Here are a few of the included amenities!


Our Guest Laundry Room.

Laundry Facilities

Our Guests love this amenity. This is perfect for for anyone who has been traveling for quite some time, and is running out of clean clothes! Everything you need for a wash and a dry cycle is here; the detergent is included, as well as an iron and ironing board. The machines are coin operated. They take Loonies (the $1 coin!) We can provide change at the desk. The Laundry room is located on the basement floor of Heritage Harbour House. It is open from 10am until 8pm.

Our Parking Lot

Off Street Parking

Our parking lot has been recently extended to provide enough parking spaces for everyone in the building. The spaces are not assigned, but we guarantee there will be a spot for your vehicle. If you are bringing more than one vehicle for a one room reservation, make sure to tell us in advance. Extra parking does not cost a dime, it’s included in your room!

The Sun Room

Sun Room, with self-serve coffee/tea station.

This is our beautiful new Sun Room. You can enjoy a nice tea, or coffee and some cookies, and relax in this cozy room. The sun pours in here during the day. It’s a wonderful place to read, socialize, or play card/board games. There’s a coffee/tea making station in this room, as well as an ice machine, and a microwave. A nearby library can be accessed for your reading pleasure.

One of our Patios

Shaded Patios

We have two patios available to guests at all times. One on the second floor, and the other is on the 3rd. The patios are kept clean every day. We have a few tables for guests to use to serve food, or play card/board games. The tables can also be fitted with an umbrella during those hot sunny days. There are a few lounge chairs here as well in case you’re in the mood to sun bathe, or just doze off with a lovely book. The patios are a great place for guests to mingle and socialize.

DVD Rentals

Complimentary DVD Rentals

All of our rooms have a DVD player to compliment their television. You’re more than welcome to bring your own movies, but we have a decent library of titles that you can enjoy in your rooms. DVD rentals are free. Simply choose the movie you want, and bring it back when you’re finished. Our catalogue keeps growing, and there is something for everyone.

Public Computer / Free Wifi

This is our most popular amenity! We have a public computer for anyone who neglected (or maybe refused,) to bring their laptop. It’s connected to the internet and is completely free to use. The computer has Skype, and MSN installed, as well as the most recent web browsers. We also have Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi,) broadcast throughout the entire property, so if you brought you’re internet devices, you’ll be connected during your stay. The wireless internet access and the public  is free of charge.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle Storage

This is our garage. Guests are more than welcome to use this facility to store their bicycles here. The garage is kept locked at all times, and only the owners have the key, so you can rest assured, your belongings will be safe at all times. Charlottetown is a very safe place and is virtually crime free, but it’s always nice to have that extra security for peace of mind.

French / Spanish / Dutch / Japanese speakers!

Here at Heritage Harbour House, we do our best to try to make everyone, of any ethnic background, as comfortable as possible. The owners, Arie, Jinny, and Mike van der Gaag speak English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Most of our staff members also speak Japanese. We use translation software at the front desk for anyone who may need it.

No Smoking

Non Smoking Environment.

All of our rooms are non smoking. The only place where one can smoke is on our balconies, and patios. There are no designated smoking areas in the house. The balconies, and patios have ashtrays provided.