Look at these beautiful houses!!

I stumbled onto this website, thanks to The Guardian’s facebook page (Our Local paper.) It lists some of the odd properties found on Prince Edward Island. I was enthralled by the pictures at the bottom of the page, describing this 7.7 million dollar property

That mansion is gorgeous!

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Working on an F.A.Q page!


I have noticed that many people ask the same questions over the phone. Although all of the questions I answer are on the website, I realize that these answers are not all found in the same place!

So, I’m starting a list of F.A.Qs, which I’ll update as time goes by. I think I will place the link where “MORE PHOTOS,” is located, and move MORE PHOTOS to the rooms sub category.

Here are a few FAQS off the top of my head:

Are you located in downtown Charlottetown?
Yes! Two blocks away from the centre of town

Do you have Parking?
Yes, we have a full parking lot in the back, and parking is included in your rate.

Are the bathrooms in the rooms?
Yes, they are en-suite. All of our rooms have private en suite baths

Are any of your rooms in the basement?
The only room category that is in the half-basement level of our establishment, is The Economy Rooms. All of our other categories (Compact, Standard, Deluxe, Jr. Suite, Full Suites,) are located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.

Do you have an elevator?
Sorry, but we do not have an elevator. However, the staircase that accesses all three floors are very wide…bringing up luggage is a breeze, and if you need assistance, we are always there to help!

Do you have wireless internet?
Yes! You can access our free WiFi from anywhere in the Inn.

Is breakfast included?
A full breakfast is included,

What’s served for breakfast?
We serve a different entree every morning. We serve a hot dish (typically egg based,) as well as unlimited continental offerings like breads, bagels, pastries, yogurt, cereals, juices, coffee, tea.

Do you serve other meals?
At this time, we do not serve lunch, or supper. However, we are very close to many of the wonderful downtown resturants. We would be happy to help you book reservations.

I’ll be coming up with answers and placing them in the new FAQ page later today.

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Breakfast Page

I added a quick Breakfast page that I quickly took from our old web site. I think I’m going to add a gallery of breakfast items that we serve, but I need better pictures first! That will come soon!

Here’s the breakfast page =>

Breakfast at Heritage Harbour House Inn, Charlottetown PEI

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Website is finally finished!

Alrighty! Our new website design is finally completed! All the pages have basic content (with more coming soon.) I’m hoping to make a breakfast page soon, featuring all the breakfasts Jinny cooks up every morning.

Stay tuned!


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Website changes

I’m approaching my self imposed deadline for this website design change! I’m just uploading the pictures now. I find wordpress has a terribly slow process to uploading many pictures at once…or at least, it’s slow at manipulating many pictures at once.

Soon it will all be done!Standard Room, 1 Queen bed, 4pc bath

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New Site design

Alright. It’s 2011, so I figure it’s time to kick off the new year with a new website design. We have decided to use a Content management system…or what’s commonly referred to as a “CMS.” The CMS we have chosen is WordPress. I was delighted to see how quickly I could create my pages from scratch, without having to tool around with HTML…what joy.

We also decided to purchase a premium theme called “Hospitality,” from a company called “Templatic.” I fell in love with the design, and customized it with our pictures and logo…I think it’s a great fit.

So, 2011…what can I say? Charlottetown has a new hotel on the corner of Grafton and University that should be finished by June 2011. I’m hoping they come up with a few marketing strategies that will cause a few more folks to come knocking at my door.  In the meanwhile, we’re getting ready for a brand new summer season…and boy I’m excited! The following posts will outline a few events and festivals that are new for 2011….so stay tuned!



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