New promo video!

We had a short video, developed by Kyle Simpson of Lowell Productions.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Automatic emails!

I don’t normally post about administrative logistics here, but I wanted to share with you all a tremendously useful program I discovered not to long ago. This program is making it easier for us to print out our registrations for incoming customers!

It’s called “Automatic Email Manager.”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Not the cleverest of names. But the program is incredibly useful!

Basically you enter your email credentials, and every couple of minutes this program will print any new messages that it finds.

I know most of you are tech savvy, and are trying to limit the amount of paper you use (which is a great thing!) However, I can easily see this being set up for relatives who do not use the computer often, and do not have time to constantly check their emails. This way the computer can do the work for you, and the client can just check the printer for any messages!

We are using this for our registrations. Every morning at 6am, our reservation system emails all the registrations for the day, to a gmail account we have set up specifically for this service. So at 6:05am every morning, I have all my registrations waiting for me at the printer.

This saves us a lot of hassle and time. Before, we had to open every reservation, and print each one manually…now it’s all automatic!

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BUY 3 nights get the 4th for 50% OFF!!!!

Heritage Harbour House is launching a brand new campaign this year!

BUY 3 nights, and get the fourth night for 50% off the rate!

If you want to take advantage of this awesome deal, simply use our booking engine, and use the discount code: “buy3hhhouse

You can also give us a call and make a reservation over the phone with the same discount!


Anyone who uses this discount, also receives one of these:

This Guest Savings Guide is filled with awesome deals

This Guest Savings Guide is filled with awesome deals

This coupon book is filled with great deals. I’m not talking about little deals, like 5% off your ice cream cone….no, I’m talking about some serious deals,  in this book.  There are a lot of Buy 1 get one free deals (from tour companies that charge $50+ a tour!!!) There are a lot of 50% coupons as well! It is an awesome book, and make sure you ask for it at the desk when you check in.

A lot of you may be asking if you get access to the discount if you have already booked. Unfortunately, we cannot enact any discount on pre-existing reservations. But if you’re staying more than 3 nights, we will definitely give you a booklet if you ask for it!


ps: Happy Father’s day everyone!!

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New pictures

It’s time for a new update for our VERY dated pictures. We had Kyle Simpson from Lowell Productions come in and take a few shots. We think they look great!

Next week, we are having a video made! Can’t wait to show it to you all

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This Charlottetown Inn has a new desk!

It finally happened. After a decade of the same antiquated desk, we have finally upgraded! Our little reception desk has turned into an engine of efficiency! We removed our large, clunky desk (over 35 years old,) and replaced it with three (3) wide cabinets with lots of space for our equipment. We then installed a beautiful counter top over the three cabinets. It looks gorgeous now.

Here are a few pictures of the install.


This is where it all started


We removed the counter top, and put aside the old desk.



Arie ponders the order of the three cabinet system


Here we are testing the doors.

The New desk in all its glory!

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Renovations have officially started!

What a crazy month! We have started our major overhaul here at Heritage Harbour House Inn, and things are looking great!

Here is a small list of things to look forward to for your future stay here!

1) New TVs

New Tvs!

We have finally upgraded our Televisions (after a long decade of using old fashioned Tube Tvs) We are upgrading with brand new LED Insignia televisions for every room. Some of our rooms (notably the Blue, Meadow, and Yellow rooms,) will require a new wall mount as well.

I went with LED, rather than the notably cheaper LCD monitors, because 2013 is the year that Heritage Harbour House cuts down on our energy usage. We have a goal to cut our energy usage by 20% the end of 2013…but I’ll save that for another post! LED tvs cut down dramatically on electricity usage, and since many of our guests enjoy using the televisions, we think it’s a good investment.

Here's a TV installed in Room 1

Here’s a TV installed in Room 1


2) New CarpetCarpet

We are replacing the carpet in most of our rooms. This is something we normally do every year anyways….but this year we are doing a major overhaul in the carpeting. We are using more earthy, neutral tones this year…I hope our guests will enjoy it! This carpet (Mystic Gold,) comes from the Hudson Collection, at Kent Building Supplies. I’ll post more photos when we have it installed.

3) New Curtains

We have updated the curtains in our rooms. We removed the old valances we had installed, and replaced them with an old fashioned steel curtain rod. The pictures don’t really do it justice (the new picture was taken with my iphone, and the other with a much better camera,) but trust me, it looks amazing!

Old Curtains

Old Curtains

New Curtains!

New Curtains!


3) Paint update

Our friends from The Ottoman Empire have come up with a new design for our walls, and trim, throughout the building. We are painting accent walls on most of the standard rooms, and suites. The colours are the following:

Muslin - For the Walls

Muslin – For the Walls

White Dove for the Trim

White Dove for the Trim

Carolina Gull for the Accent Walls
Carolina Gull for the Accent Walls


Stay tuned for more updates! We still have a lot of work to do and updates to reveal!!

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Renovations 2013

Well, it’s that time again. The Summer of 2012 has ended, and it’s time for us to look towards Summer 2013.

We have been reading a bit of feedback from clients, and have decided to elect a few changes for the summer of 2013:

We are investing in brand new furniture! Everything is getting an upgrade. All of our rooms will be outfitted with new and modern pieces. We are thinking of using Shorewood Furniture, which is the same company we used when we furnished The Sonata Inn.

We are upgrading our security. Installing RFID locks (keycards) in all of our doors (no more bulky keys!) These will be bought from Kaba Ilco

We are changing all the Televisions to Flatscreen monitors…we’re looking at 40inch LED TVs from Futureshop….something with a thin bezel for added style.

We are changing our breakfast menu. Instead of offering a served hot dish, we are starting a pilot project that will include a buffet breakfast. We are working hard to ensure that this buffet is not going to fall under the typical hotel buffet…but will add style and elegance to the buffet model.

We are changing the colour palettes in our rooms, and changing/modifying decor.

I hired design consultants to help us with these changes. We heard about The Ottoman Empire from a friend of ours, and have decided to hire them to consult this hotel makeover. They consist of two talented interior decorators, Christopher Gillis and Craig Dauphinee, and are based in Charlottetown, PEI. We met today, and discussed various options…I’m really looking forward to this upgrade…and I hope our future guests will enjoy it.

We’ll keep you all posted. In the meanwhile, if you are still looking for a perfect place to stay during your 2013 PEI adventure…give us a call! 1-800-405-0066


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Removing Live chat from our website

I recently removed the live chat functionality from the website. I loved speaking to guests over the IM client that was installed on my phone. However, I found, more often than not, that my phone wasn’t notifying me of customer inquiries. Often, some customers were left hanging for hours before I responded. This was unacceptable to me. I figured I remove this for now, and perhaps in the future, I’ll find a better option for IM.

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New Live Chat!

I decided to add Live Chat Functionality to our website. Now, potential customers can ask me questions directly, without having to call. I can help customers with any questions or concerns, regarding their travel itineraries, or questions about our rooms.

I created a page specifically for Live Chat….but you can also find the widgets on the side bar of any inner page, or at the bottom of the home page.

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Tripadvisor Certificate

I recently added a “Certificate of Excellence,” from Tripadvisor, on the inner pages’ sidebars. It blends well with the colours, so I’m satisfied. Our Tripadvisor stats are looking pretty good for Charlottetown PEI. Although, I’m worried that our competition is creeping up. I’m hoping that this year we earn a multitude of new reviews!

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